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In early 2023, the Kingston Humane Society (KHS) found that a ‘perfect storm’ of critical factors had created an urgent need for increased donations. Post-covid, a much higher than average percentage of pets had been surrendered, nearly doubling the shelter’s capacity to 230 animals. At the same time, food and medical costs escalated wildly, resulting in an average cost of $12 per day per animal. With an average stay of 56 days, total per pet costs were averaging $672.

KHS asked Amplify to develop a Spring Donation Drive. The agency team identified four key campaign strategies:

  1. quickly build awareness of the urgent need for donations through a unique creative approach;
  2. engage new donors through a highly targeted and expanded direct mail postcard drop as well as through social media channels;
  3. develop new creative assets for the KHS website, promotional and PR arsenal, and existing social media platforms;
  4. further educate the public about the comprehensive role KHS plays in the community.
Believing that people were ‘doom and gloom’ avoidant and instead exhibited a growing desire for ‘good news stories’, Amplify created a unique ‘pet story-telling’ concept that would tug at their heart-strings. Tracy John herself developed a series of whimsical hand-drawn animal illustrations to engage donors. A copy approach was created that would both deliver the hard facts of the urgent need for donations balanced by ‘Happy Tails’ stories of adopted pets, and key facts about KHS services. The six-week campaign was developed quickly, and launched with a concurrent postal drop and Facebook/Instagram posts. 

Engage with appealing pet stories’


This unique creative approach quickly caught the public’s attention, resulting in well over 20K FaceBook followers, over 8K Instagram followers, and an email database of over 9K people. More importantly, new donations were generated. Based on the results of the campaign, KHS asked Amplify to follow-up with a Summer Donation Drive re-utilizing these unique creative assets.

Direct Mail Postcard + Social Media Posts + Website Donor Page + Poster

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To find out how Tracy can ‘amplify’ your brand, feel free to contact her now.

Get in touch!

To find out how Tracy can ‘amplify’ your brand, feel free to contact her now.

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